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I am a freelance writer and editor for The Zero Waste Memoirs, Care2, Life Goals Mag, and a few other lifestyle publications. Here are a few of my personal favorites:



10 Ways Going Zero Waste Has Made Me a Better Person for Life Goals Mag

How I Learned to Love the Gym for Care2

The Time I Saw a Snowflake and Lost My Mind for Turning Point Collective

4 Ways Cooking Can Help You Bond with Your Kids for Care2

How to Spring Clean Your Entire House in One Day for The Zero Waste Memoirs

I Met a Man Named Don for Turning Point Collective

Wellness / Exercise

Vegetarian vs. Vegan vs. Plant-Based: What's the Difference? for The Zero Waste Memoirs

5 Tips for Working Out as a Couple for Care2

How to Find the Running Shoes That Suit You Best for Care2

5 Signs You're Suffering from Desk-Caused Back Pain for Care2

7 Reasons to Incorporate Weights Into Your Fitness Routine for Care2

Will Lifting Weights Make me Bulky? for Care2

7 Immune-Boosting Habits to Practice Every Day for Care2

Personal Development

How to Have More Productive Conflict for Care2

How to Create an Amazing Silent Retreat at Home for Care2

How to Acknowledge and Overcome Body Insecurity for Care2


How to Start a Paperless Kitchen for The Zero Waste Memoirs

Why Oil is Not the Future for Care2

How to Evaluate a Company's Ethical and Sustainable Impact for Care2

3 Ways to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy for Care2

10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Oil Consumption for The Zero Waste Memoirs

How to Store Produce Without Plastic for The Zero Waste Memoirs

3 Essential Items for Your Zero Waste Car Kit for The Zero Waste Memoirs

How to Recycle Correctly for The Zero Waste Memoirs

10 Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life for The Zero Waste Memoirs

Food Justice

30 Creative Ways to Use Food Scraps for The Zero Waste Memoirs

How to Eat Down the Pantry and Start Fresh for The Zero Waste Memoirs


5 Places You Should Visit to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck for Care2

Exploring the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens for The Zero Waste Memoirs


4 Mysterious Ways Cats Heal Our Bodies for Care2

How to Get Stains Off Your Light Colored Pets for Care2

Why is My Cat Throwing Up? for Care2

How to Handle Bad Behavior in Cats for Care2


My 5-Step Zero Waste Skincare Routine for The Zero Waste Memoirs

How to Calm a Topical Allergic Reaction for Care2

Business / Technology

Taking Agriculture to the Next Level: How ICTs Will Get Us There for NetHope

Why is Pinterest Called Pinterest? for Rewind & Capture

What Gaming Means for Our Youth for NetHope

Tech for a Brighter Future: Mobile Money for NetHope

NonProfit / Social Justice

Everything You Need to Know About the SDG ICT Playbook for NetHope

Cornrows and Keffiyeh: When Culture Sharing Becomes Cultural Appropriation for Turning Point Collective

Mental Health

How to Cope When Your Partner is in the Hospital for Care2

5 Steps to Forgiving Someone Who Has Hurt You for Care2

How to Overcome Loneliness When You Live Alone for Care2


How I Use Google Sheets for Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning for The Zero Waste Memoirs

Upcycled Valentine's Day Postcards for The Zero Waste Memoirs


10 Must-Watch Netflix Documentaries on Sustainability for The Zero Waste Memoirs

10 Must-Read Books on Sustainability in 2017 for Amazon

Spread the Love: Ethical Valentine's Day Gift Guide for The Zero Waste Memoirs

2016 Ethical Gift Guide for The Zero Waste Memoirs

10 Ethically-Made Rain Jackets for Spring for Care2


Catalytic Donors: Laying the Groundwork in the Ebola Fight for NetHope

Sponsored Posts

I'm Taking the #BeRecycled Pledge for Keep America Beautiful

Ethical Brand Spotlight: Bridge & Burn for Bridge & Burn

What if We Never Passed the Clean Air Act? for Save on Energy

15 Easy Zero Waste Swaps to Make This Fall for Amazon

Our Visit to the Cheyenne Farmer's Market for the Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

5 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats for a Healthier Practice for Manduka


Interview with Celebrity TV Host and Fitness Expert: Allison Hagendorf for Care2

Interview with Humanitarian Photographer: Sigurður Ólafur Sigurðsson for NetHope

Welcoming Our Newest Member: The Norwegian Refugee Council for NetHope

Press Releases

NetHope and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Join Together for New Health Project for NetHope

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