3 Methods to Keep Your Office Organized

It doesn’t take long for the home office to become a catch-all location for all those little things that seem too hard to deal with in the moment…bank statements, old pictures, lists upon lists and just about everything else. So, it’s no surprise that many of us resort to either blindly ignoring the fact that our paper piles have become small mountains, or aimlessly arranging and rearranging what is already there.

Organizing your office does not need to be a big ordeal if you do it right. Here are three fantastic methods to help you keep your home office organized, once and for all.

1. Purge & Refresh

This is called starting from scratch. Empty your office area completely—pull out all of the boxes, the files, the desk clutter, all of it! Now look around at what you’ve compiled and decide what you don’t use and what has outstayed its welcome—it’s time to purge. If you can’t decide why an item must stick around or if you haven’t needed or used it in ages, send it away. Toss, recycle and donate anything you remove from your office. Then, section by section, return your remaining items to an organized and useful location. Give each item a spot that makes sense. Another tip? Label like nobody’s business! Make it’s clear where each item belongs to make the cleanup process later a little simpler.

2. Command Center

This is ideal for an operational genius—the type of person always on the go, running many activities at once. Set up a time-sensitive organization system that allows you to clearly see what is priority and what isn’t. Use a series of folders, trays, or boxes labeled Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, and Waiting on Response to organize papers and items that require your attention. Assign discard dates to each paper item; you don’t need to keep everything forever! Use small sticky notes to label the point at which each document may be shredded or recycled.

3. Color Coding Is Your Friend

Color coding your office is actually a really intuitive way to keep track of your office items and make sure you can find exactly what you need. Color helps categorize and file large numbers of paperwork and can actually make you more efficient by helping you locate what you need more quickly. Here are some ideas: Green=financial, Red=medical, Blue=insurance, Yellow=personal, Orange=house.

With these techniques as your guide, you’ll be well on your way to the organized office dream!

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