Fantastic Staycation Ideas to Finish Your Summer Strong

Sorry friends, but I have to say it: summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner. But that doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up on the adventures!

While you may not have the time to plan another big vacation before summer’s gone, there are multitudes of other opportunities that are easier on your schedule and your budget.

Staycations can be a wonderful way to experience something new close to home, help you save a bit of money by taking advantage of local options, create space for relaxation without having to undertake the hassle of planning a big trip, and help protect the environment by limiting the effects of traveling by plane.

I’ve come up with a few ideas to help you get started with your planning. Remember, little pockets of relaxation can mean the world in the midst of our stressful lives. Take advantage of the chances you have to enjoy a little local fun.

It does the heart, body, and mind good!

Backyard Camping

If you’d rather be outdoors than inside the house and have an affinity for nature, try a mini backyard camping trip! Grab a tent (borrow if you don’t have one!), your sleeping bags, a few blankets, and a chair or two and set up camp out in the yard. Take some time to just sit outside and soak up the last rays of warm sunshine, relax with a book or a board game with friends and family, or just lay back and gaze at the stars in the sky before bedtime. Another perk? A real bathroom and a kitchen just a few steps away.

Play Tourist at Home

When we live in the same place for any length of time, it’s really easy to grow too accustomed to living there, forgetting the fun attractions home has to offer! Whether you live in a small town or a major city, I’m certain you’ll be able to track down a few unique things to visit. Do a quick web search or visit your local welcome center to find museums, exhibits, trails, parks, or other local attractions. Who knows what you’ll find in that trifold pamphlet?

Spend a Weekend on the Town

Take advantage of the daytime fun and nightlife around you! Whether you’re by yourself, with friends, spending time with your special someone, or enjoying family, book a hotel in a nice part of town and check out what your city has to offer. Experience that new restaurant that you’ve been dying to try, take a class (cooking, art, music, you name it!), walk around some boutiques and shops you’ve never gotten the chance to visit, dress up and go out dancing. Even a weekend of fun like this can be a lovely vacation you’ll never forget.

Become an Expert in Something New

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Salsa dance? Do you have a special interest in Italian food? Have you always wanted to try your hand at pottery? As people, we have a natural desire to try different things and experience something new that grows us—now is your time. Invest in a fun local class that will teach you a new skill and work on becoming an expert in something you’ve never tried before. Check your hometown library, visitors center, or local events calendars for classes and seminars that fit your schedule.

Host a Party in Your Neighborhood

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the company of good friends to finish out a wonderful summer and kick off a great fall. Pick a Saturday night in the upcoming month and get to planning a get together that your friends will never forget. Some ideas? Tack up a sheet, break out the projector, and show an outdoor movie in your backyard. Toss in some epic snacks and a bit of popcorn and you’ll be set. Or maybe host a dance. Set up a fun Spotify playlist, start up that Pandora radio station, let people submit requests, grab a disco ball and dance the night away. Or if these concepts don’t strike your fancy, try something like this: an open mic, a classy dress-up soiree, a homemade pizza party, a YouTube showing, or a Top Chef style competition. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Summer!

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