4 Mysterious Ways Cats Heal Our Bodies

Cats are amazing creatures. They can drink seawater if they want to, they have patterns on their noses that are as unique as a fingerprint and even have a third eyelid.

Cats also heal us (as if we needed more of a reason to love them) in ways that sometimes feel ‘out of this world.’ Their mere presence lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, helping us to deal with stress in healthy ways without even thinking about it.

Cats are affectionate and nurturing creatures with keen ways of caring for those around them—so much so that some studies show owning a cat can actually increase your lifespan by a few years.

Here are a few more amazing and mysterious ways that cats heal our bodies:

Cats may reduce heart attack risk by 30-40 percent.

In 2009, a long-term study by neurologist Adnan Qureshi of the University of Minnesota Stroke Institute discovered that non-cat owners were 30-40 percent more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those who were from cat families. Companionship, love and stress reduction goes a long way.

A cat’s purr can actually mend bones. 

For ages people have wondered why cats purr. While most of the time we assume purring is simply an expression of happiness, cats have also been observed purring while in stressful situations or when recovering from an injury.

While it’s still under some debate, scientists have largely demonstrated that a cat’s purr—found at a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz—is at such a level that it can actuallysoothe and heal bones and muscles. This vibration of energy can improve bone density loss and even speed up muscle growth after atrophy.

Cats support emotional well-being and help us cope with stress.

Everyone knows that cat videos are some of the greatest gems on the internet. Laughing with your kitty or just petting them and having them around, actually strengthens your immune system, slows your heart beat to a state of calm and reduces blood pressure. Treasure the moments you have snuggling your pet and feel the stress just melt away.

Cats can signal impending distress and nurture emotional and physical healing.

Cats seem to have a ’6th sense’ when it comes to knowing if something is wrong or if you’re feeling unwell. There are unending accounts of people who have experienced trauma finding comfort and strength in the companionship of their pet. Their sense is so keen that often cats can signal some impending attack or injury before it happens! Here is an account of a family cat saving a young, epileptic man’s life during a seizure.

There are a million reasons to love these sweet animals and the ways that they love us and care for us and keep us company.

How have you seen your pet take special care of you and your health? Let us know in the comments! 


Originally published for Care2 at: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/4-mysterious-ways-cats-heal-our-bodies.html