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Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Website

Role: Copywriter and Brand Strategist

The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens underwent an important brand refresh in 2017 — the main focus being the Botanic Gardens website.

At the time, it was clear the Botanic Gardens needed more regional recognition, which is why I focused my efforts on boosting local SEO rankings and displaying the Gardens' vast botanical offerings.

Today, this website brings thousands of visitors from all around the country to Cheyenne, and I couldn't be prouder!

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Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Brand Book

Role: Copywriter and Brand Strategist

When the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens decided to open their brand new Grand Conservatory, it became clear that a brand refresh was in order.

The client asked us to produce a brand book to guide them in their marketing endeavors, as well as a fresh purpose statement to ground them in coming months. 

Together, we landed on:

"The Cheyenne Botanic Gardens exists to cultivate growth and enrichment in the community of Cheyenne by providing a treasured garden space for enjoyment, celebration, and education."

Today, they're doing just that.