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what kind of benefits should I see from content marketing?

Content marketing is one of those things that has benefits both in the short term and in the long run. In the short term, you'll see a boost in traffic from the initial promotion of each piece. And later, every piece of content you post will steadily increase the authority and industry presence of your brand. 

My posts tend to get a lot of social engagement. Readers stay interested and interact with the content that I write for them! This engagement increases the visibility of your brand and keeps your audience connected. That's no small thing!

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Why should I hire you to write my blogs?

As you may have already noticed, I tend to only write about topics related to social good. While I sometimes branch out into other industries if I have personal interest in them, I mostly stick with what I know! 

As you can see in my bio, I am educated in the sphere of international development and sustainability. Socially and environmentally focused businesses or organizations are my jam! I know your world. I know your challenges. And I know how to write for the people you need to care about your mission the most.

Regardless, I choose to make research the foundation of every piece that I write. I will write and develop an article that is relevant to the time, current in the social sphere, and packed with voice and personality. 


What are your priorities when writing copy for a website?

Whenever I approach a new website copywriting project, I am usually focusing on three primary elements:

1) The soul of your business or organization.

Before I write a single word, I will spend a good deal of time getting to know the life and personality of your business. I will explore the ins and outs of what makes you you to ensure that my voice and wording aligns well. This information will guide the way I approach my writing.

2) The behavior of your audience.

In the end, this writing is for a specific group of people. The goal is usually to inspire them, educate them and encourage them to take action in some way. 

I'll get to know your audience, discovering what makes them tick and how they usually behave online, how they communicate, and what they want to hear from you. 

3) The structure of your web content.

While web design and user experience is not my specialty, I will keep an eye out for any 'missed opportunities' that I discover on your site. Is your imagery misleading people? Have you lost an opportunity to use a call-to-action?

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Why should I hire a freelance writer, as opposed to a guest contributor?

There are a few key differences between paying someone for content on a case-by-case basis and hiring a freelance writer. With a freelance writer you'll have full control over editorial topics, voice, how you promote across the web and the revision process. Guest writers will typically expect a lot more freedom. 

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Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

This is entirely up to you, but I firmly believe that content marketing should be a primary piece of anyone's online marketing strategy. I never require a long-term commitment from my clients, but I can tell you that I offer excellent discounts to those who purchase a batch of posts or those who are interested in a long-term working relationship.


Can I re-purpose content that you've written for me?

Of course! In-depth blog posts can easily be repackaged as e-books, lead magnets and more. It's an excellent way to get more out of your content. If you have questions about how to re-purpose content like this, I'd be happy to brainstorm with you to see what opportunities we have. 


Do you offer revisions?

Absolutely! Revisions are all part of the package as long as they are negotiated at the beginning of the project. You'll have many opportunities to see what I'm doing and offer comments and edits.

I typically allow for three versions of your document for longer projects (first draft, second draft and final) and two for shorter pieces like blog posts and social media (first draft and final). 

If you have any more questions about my revisions process or about how I approach my work in general, head on over to the How I Work page!

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